In 2010, the same gesture culminated in the recovery, thanks to a team of professional restorers, of a campaign mural painted on a house on the outskirts of the town of San Andrés Cacaloapan, Puebla. The series in the museum’s possession gestures toward restoring a worn-out painted sign from downtown Mexico City, using digital intervention to emphasize the importance of these vestigial murals as a powerful testimony, now veiled, of recent political history.

TERCERUNQUINTO (active since 1998)
Julio Castro Carreón (1976; active 1998–2015), Gabriel Cázares Salas (1978), Rolando Flores Tovar (1975)
Restauración de una pintura mural (PRI), 2004
Restoration of a Mural (PRI)
9 intervened photographs
Acquisition, 2006