The metal plate in the installation displays a quote from a 1993 speech in which Emilio “el Tigre” Azcárraga cynically declared that the tv company only cared about entertaining a “truly screwed lower class that will never be less screwed.” The loss of symbolic power undergone by Televisa, Mexico’s media empire and monopoly, is invoked by the way in which its original logo is disassembled; its strips look piled-up in space, like a heap of junk and remnants.

The Tale of the Tiger is Longer Than the Tiger's Tail, 2011
Resin, concrete, polymer-filled cardboard, varnished wood, neon lamp, wood with vinyl paint, bricks, mortar, photo print on mirror, and metal plate
Acquisition with funds from the Presupuesto de Egresos de la Federación, 2016