Each of his works reveals the paradox of a particular poetic spectre recognizable to perception insofar as it appeals to the world of the senses by means of certain features; yet this poetic spectre is not determined by a correspondence with the reality of the object or with the case of sculpture as such, since his production reveals an astonishing dexterity of proportion, density, scale and equivalence that foregrounds raw material as the reality of his work.

Not intended as a retrospective, the exhibition Anish Kapoor. Archaeology : Biology sets a course through the artist’s work by way of his large-scale installations and sculptures produced between 1980 and 2016. His works might be defined as a poetic approach to the rigorous study of space, material and form, in which the real, the symbolic and the imaginary are fused to the point where an original genesis of the sculptural object is encountered.


The exhibition was conceived by the  MUAC in its capacity as an institution of artistic, academic and social synergy that reaches its highest potential in the provocation of a meaningful understanding of the aesthetic as a learning experience. The work of Anish Kapoor is presented here as a point of departure for reflection on the possibilities afforded by the creative act, where materiality expands the horizons of reality and the representation of the impossible emerges as truth.


Artist: Anish Kapoor (India, 1954)
Curator: Catherine Lampert
Associate curator: Cecilia Delgado



Anish Kapoor

Authors : Cecilia Delgado Masse, Catherine Lampert, Jaime Soler Frost, Pablo Soler Frost, Marina Warner, Douglas Maxwell, Hommi K. Bhabha, Lee Ufan y Julia Kristeva

Language : Spanish - English

Editor: MUAC, UNAM

Price: $300