And when will they send the Caifanes to Spain? Or what!only from there, to here? [1]

This “demand” draws on one of the desires from the generation of the nineties and eighties: a yearning for international projection or exposure in circuits beyond the local. In this period a number of initiatives, spaces, publications and artistic producers flourished, that gradually gave the possibility to what was pinned –mostly from the graphic history macro-tale- as “Mexican contemporary art”.

By then, a number of institutions had not yet developed the openness, sensibility and attention for the new visual vocabularies that were taking place; many shied away with suspicion to the concept of “community or collective” and hesitated about productions of minimal or conceptual character and the appropriation as creative vehicle. Because of that, some of the most significant proposals from that period did not necessarily go through the museum space.

[1] Mauricio Bares. Rock en tu idiota ¿O a poco no?. En: La Pus Moderna, nº 1, noviembre-diciembre 1989. México.


The detonators of the show are three collaborative exercises from that period, where most of the artistic agents were essential in the construction of the contemporary art landscape in Mexico: La Quiñonera (1988-92), Temístocles 44 (1993-95) y La Panadería (1994-2002). It is not intended an exhaustive revision of this three moments of creative gatherings, but as a jumping board as pretext/support to approach the complexity implied in reading, at such a close distance in time, an art form inhabited by differences, pretensions and plural desires.


Artists: Eduardo Abaroa (1968), Francis Alÿs (1959), Gustavo Artigas (1970), Artemio (1976), Miguel Calderón (1971), Mónica Castillo (1961), Abraham Cruzvillegas (1968), Minerva Cuevas (1975), Claudia Fernández (1965), Taka Fernández (1966), José Miguel González Casanova (1964), Daniel Guzmán (1964), Richard Moszka (1968), Yoshua Okón (1970), Gabriel Orozco (1962), Damián Ortega (1967), Luis Felipe Ortega (1966), Rubén Ortíz Torres (1964), Néstor Quiñones (1967), Vicente Razo (1971), SEMEFO (1980), Melanie Smith (1965), Sofía Táboas (1968), Diego Toledo (1964), Pablo Vargas Lugo (1968).

Curator: Sol Henaro



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Authors : Sol Henaro

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