As part of NILC project (New Interterritorial Languages Committee.) developed by the artist, the piece refers –in ironic tone- to totalitarian systems and situations of imperialist substrate. The rats that intervene in the artwork will be trained to live in the museum and to act according to a new regimen. Likewise they will activate certain electronic devices which in turn will detonate visual, luminous and sound reactions in the “brain” of this microcosm created by Ventura.

Artist: Miguel Ventura (1954, USA).

Curator: Juan de Nieves (1964, Spain)



Cantos cívicos

Authors : José Luis Barrios, Cecilia Delgado Masse, Juan de Nieves, Hugo Sánchez Castillo, Eduardo Tena-Betancourt, Brandia C. Tena-Calderón.

Language : Spanish & English


Price: $250