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During its first decade, in the midst of accidents and difficulties that included constant fluctuations in resources and possibilities, the MUAC collection has managed to consolidate a meaningful representation of artistic production in Mexico. This archive includes pieces starting in 1952, a watershed year marked by the modernizing gesture of the construction of Ciudad Universitaria, but especially from the period following the political, social and cultural earthquake of 1968.

Exploring a collection also means revising the canon and being critical of historical blind spots. One of the essential tasks of this exhibition is to catalog these pieces in accordance with international standards in order to materialize, over the medium term, the desire to make them available online.

MUAC: One Hundred Works reveals a selection of key pieces from the museum’s collections of art and documentation. Each of these pieces was considered not for its place in a generational sequence or a narrative order, but because, in itself, it contains a history of the museum’s collection.

Our aim is for these pieces to become an object of interest for researchers and students, a reference point in the region’s future artistic battles and something that accompanies our public on a daily basis.





MUAC: One Hundred Works

Authors : Cuauhtémoc Medina, Amanda de la Garza, Mónica Amieva, Julio García Murillo, Jaime González Solís, Andrea de Caso, Pilar García, Alejandra Labastida, Virginia Roy Luzarraga

Language : English


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