In this case, it's about configuring a continuous cloud that inhabits the museum through the materiality of the PET. Ruis Ortiz has made use of the double meaning of the name of the piece [in Spanish cúmulo, accumulation or cloud in English] to provoke thought about too much emphasis on material things and nature.

The path the artist takes to create his pieces goes from found objects to the concept of recycling, and in his works there remain traces of the material they were made from.  Although Ruiz Otis has achieved a revindication of the object, what others see as trash, he has reconciled the destiny of this residual material with its current poetic conversion into an aesthetic object.  His exploration of different supports and formats has led him to discover a universe of materials in the world of trash which he uses to further reflection on the mass production fomented by capitalism.

Cúmulo takes part of Recycling , a program for the creation of in situ artworks through the participation of invited artists.  It uses waste products generated by the University to further the goal of creating a poetic structure that resignifies their aesthetic potential.


It will occupy visitor circulation and rest areas in the museum to encourage a new approach to and experience of the processes of the contemporary production of art, sharing with the public the construction of a piece of art within a workshop environment.

Likewise, an attempt is being made to raise awareness of the salvaging of ordinary materials whose only apparent destiny is to become trash.  This is done with the understanding that everything is interconnected, forming networks that make up the great system that is the earth, an open system within which matter, energy and information constantly circulate.