Edgardo Aragón undertakes an investigation into the territorial limits of his city of birth, Ocotlán de Morelos, in Oaxaca, one of the largest states in Mexico. It is divided into 570 municipalities, some of which are wholly enclosed by others, leading to territorial conflicts relating to cultural diversity and to the politics of appropriating space, where the strategic and political code for establishing such limits is the mojón or boundary marker.

This project takes part of Sexta Sur, a an annual curatorial  program that consists of  four solo exhibitions in a gallery designated to integrate local and international emerging artists, in order to create a space for experimentation, dialogue and visibility for the new generations. 


Artist: Edgardo Aragón (Mexico, 1985)
Curators: Cecilia Delgado Masse and Alejandra Labastida

Tinieblas (Darkness), 2011 (video instalación)
Coproduced with the Museo Amparo, Puebla, México




Por amor a la disidencia [1/4]

Authors : Cecilia Delgado Masse, Alejandra Labastida

Language : Spanish


Price: $150