We invoke a ghost because there is something here that is out of joint: 2010 has been officially designated the year for the observance of emancipations and foundings. It is a time for celebration that is disordered, threatened, unhinged, disturbed and insane, a moment of disjunction between past, present and future which, while attempting to sustain a promised homogenous temporal structure in the Progress, what has taken over is delirium:  promise, failure and negation. The official announcement doesnt attempt to activate the celebration and commemoration as a critical interpretive exercise but as a spectacle that tries to legitimate the past as a done deed, looking toward the future while the ruins pile up and the dead bury the dead.  

The exhibition is a result of the need to question this aesthetic-political structure composed of past, memory and history, approaching it, rather, as a process of formation of what is visible and what is invisible, of inclusions and exclusions, one that using this tension draws a spectrography.


José Luis Barrios
Helena Chávez
Pilar García
Sol Henaro
Jorge Reynoso




Authors : José Luis Barrios, Miguel Ángel Barrón Gavito, Héctor Bourges, César Cortés Vega, Pilar García de Germenos, Julio García Murillo, Sol Henaro, Eloísa Hernández Viramontes, Alejandra Labastida, Vania Macías Osorno, Ana Martínez de la Escalera, Cuauhtémoc Medina, Manuel Ramos, Francisco Reyes Palma, Jorge Reynoso Pohlenz, Sergio Rodríguez Blanco y Suely Ronik.

Language : Spanish


Price: $535