Consisting of news clippings, posters, works of art and records of events, such as Un Día sin Arte [A Day Without Artists], 100 Artistas contra el Sida [100 Artists Against Aids] and Letra S [Letter S], this exhibition recovers the productions of activists, artists and non-governmental organizations in response to the appearance of this pandemic over three decades ago. With the goal of capturing the current reality of hiv, we have joined the many supportive, decentralized efforts to generate critical narratives on this issue.

Artists: Hilda Campillo, el Taller de Documentación Visual, Richard Moszka, Omar Gámez, Lorena Orozco, Óscar Sánchez Gómez, Armando Cristeto, Arturo Kemchs, Rolando de la Rosa, Hortensia Ramírez, José Antonio Cordero, Roberto de la Torre, Gabriel Figueroa Flores,19 Concreto, Grupo d3 Chok3 y Olivier Debroise, entre otros.

Curators: Sol Henaro y Luis Matus




The Seropositive Files

Authors : Alejandro Brito Lemus, Oliver Debroise, Sol Henaro, Luis Matus, Alfonso Morcillo, Rosa María Roffiel

Language : Spanish & English


Price: $190