Graphic Turn is not limited to a geographical space or a particular time; instead, it reveals a grid of affinities framed by social protest. While historical practices dating back to the 1960s have been included, there is an emphasis on contemporary events with the goal of bringing together widely varied practices and ways of doing in order to configure an archive of the present. It presents close to 400 works, including actions, embroideries, paintings/protest signs, projections on buildings, interventions, maps, shirts and posters.

The exhibition’s subtitle is taken from the famous song “Volver a los Diecisiete” by the Chilean singer-songwriter Violeta Parra:

Se va enredando, enredando
como en el muro la hiedra
y va brotando, brotando
como el musguito en la piedra.


Curatorship: Red Conceptualismos del Sur (RedCSur) [Southern Conceptualisms Network]

Exhibition organized by the Queen Sofia National Museum Art Center (MNCARS), Madrid, in collaboration with the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC), Mexico City.




Giro gráfico

Authors : Ana Longoni, André Mesquita, Guillermina Mongan, Sylvia Suárez, Sol Henaro, Tamara Díaz Bringas

Language : Spanish

Editor: MUAC, UNAM

Price: $180