Against the mainstream dominated by modernist abstraction in each country, orientations toward the use of the artist’s body and ephemeral action emerged not only as local manifestations of a broader movement in international postwar art but also as indigenous responses to their respective national contexts. Great Crescent includes many reproductions of documentary images of immaterial, if critical, performances and events, accompanied by textual narratives and printed matters.

Artists include: Chang Chao-Tang, Choi Boong-hyun, Chuang Ling, Hi Red Center, Huang Huacheng, Jeong Gang-ja, Kang Guk-jin, Leung Chi Wo, Yoko Ono, and Zero Dimension. The exhibition was first shown at Para Site, Hong Kong and subsequently traveled to Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (in the framework of MAM Research001).


Conceived by A Future Museum for China

Curated by Doryun Chong, Cosmin Costinas, and Lesley Ma in conversation with Mami Kataoka

Organised by MUAC and Para Site



Gran creciente

Authors : Doryun Chong, Cosmin Costinas, Lesley Ma, Marco Morales Villalobos

Language : Spanish - English

Editor: MUAC, UNAM

Price: $200