Beyond the auditory experience provided by sound itself such as distance, source or cause, Javier Álvarez distills sounds into magnified expressions, sonic chants and granular trajectories. In doing so, the work seeks to convey an auditory yet anecdotic and visual experience neighboring in contemplation. The composer intends for the visitor to fully inhabit the space and reveal, thorough immersion, the entities, objects and events that dwell in his or her own becoming.

Artist: Javier Álvarez (Mexico, 1956)
Curator: Marco Morales
Multi-channel sound installation (2015)



Espacio de Experimentación Sonora

Authors : Javier Álvarez, María Baranda, Eduardo Bernal, Carole Chargueron, José Julio Díaz Infante, Mario Lavista, Alejandro L. Madrid, Cuauhtémoc Medina, Miguel Molina Alarcón, Marco Morales Villalobos, Gabriela Ortíz, Laureana Toledo, Jorge Vargas Cortez

Language : Spanish & English


Price: $160