Taking advantage of the benefits of the Espacio de Experimentación Sonora (EES), this piece attempts to recreate for the listener, a habitable place where it can penetrate into random fields, real and imagined, that they could encounter in a synthetic jungle.

La selva sintética is the third part of this series with which the MUAC contributes with the EES technology platform, to the training and promotion of new artists while in turn, the visitor becomes aware of what the sonorous art can become together with electroacoustic composition in Mexico.


Jorge Alberto Alba began his studies in 2002 at the Conservatorio de las Rosas in the area of composition under the instruction of composers Germán Romero and Juan Sebastian Lach. He has presented works at the International Festival of Contemporary Music in Michoacán, the Young Art Festival, and the Manuel Enriquez XXXI International Forum of New Music. 

This composition was supported by the Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras (CMMAS) to whom we appreciate all the help provided.

Artist: Jorge Alberto Alba (Mexico, 1984)
Curator: Guillermo Santamarina
Associate curator: Marco Morales
Multi-channel sound