With Gelmanianas, nine short fragments for cello, Naón and Gelman worked together to overlay their work at the Maison de Poésie in Paris in 2012. The work in question is a kind of homage to and musical re-reading of Gelman’s poetry, in which the subtle alterations of the words and the prosody when read aloud are present.

Parenthesis is an electroacoustic composition that merges the music of Gelmanianas (nine short fragments for cello written by Naón and interpreted by Eric Picard), the voice of Juan Gelman reading his poetry and a third kind of sounds arranged like brief poems that comments or alternates with the voice and the music. These last sounds, almost unrecognizable, are sometimes pure or synthetic, whether exterior materials, or with treatments and declinations of the voice and the cello. The form of these successions serves the dual criteria of contrast and relation that results in a cyclical listening seemingly everlasting.


Artist: Luis Naón (Argentina, 1961)

Curator: Marco Morales

Multichannel sound installation (2013)



Luis Naón

Authors : Juan Gelman, Luis Naón y Manuel Rocha Iturbide

Language : Spanish & English


Price: $100