Agglomerations establishes a nexus with the space that houses it, operating in opposition to the architectural language of the building and its principles. The work turns, somehow, into a more abstract commentary, not so much because of its lack of historical reference but rather because contemporary architecture has sought to eliminate the local, a kind of reestablishment of the untainted space of modern architecture, an architecture that can exist without context. At the same time, the industrial molds that make up the piece were assembled manually piece by piece, requiring us to think about the underlying junctures between manual labor and industrial production that are so characteristic of the current model of capitalism and of the ways the aforementioned equation becomes meaningful in the nations of the Global South. In this way, the use of architectural elements in Argenzio’s work allows for a self-referential exercise in which these components reveal a complex system of relations encompassing the materials used, their processes of production and the viewers themselves.

Artist: María José Argenzio (Ecuador, 1977)
Curators: Amanda de la Garza and Cecilia Delgado
Project in collaboration with the Museo Amparo de Puebla



María José Argenzio

Authors : Amanda de la Garza, Cecilia Delgado Masse

Language : Spanish & English


Price: $110