The exhibit proposes an approach to the work of Pola Weiss from the perspective of television. In her works, Weiss not only displayed a constant interest in the content and form of video, but also in the context of consumption, the experience of broadcast and the different types of social relationships generated by these contexts and experiences.

The exhibitions presents a selection of videos, posters, photographs and other materials from the Pola Weiss Archive which address the relationship between video and television from different perspectives, with the aim of considering Weiss’s video work as a kind of public sphere. 

Artist / Pola Weiss (Mexico, 1947-1990)
Curators / Aline Hernández and Benjamin Murphy 



Pola Weiss

Authors : Aline Hernández, Benjamin Murphy, Edna Torres, Pola Weiss

Language : Spanish & English


Price: $110