Altered Pulse is an exhibition that emphasizes moments of passion or alteration that result in the breakdown of structures: images of mutation and collective excess, but also of the death drive and personal delirium, physical responses to experimentation with psychoactive substances, as well as sexual disobedience, libidinal excitement, the trance of parties and music and the euphoria that sparks off political mobilizations. The “altered pulse” emerges as a way of reading these modes of social participation and politicized intervention that undermine the logic of behavior, the paradigms of social and sexual paradigms, and the forms of controlling identities and bodies. These images and actions are closer to enjoyment than to sacrifice, and reaffirm pleasure before discipline, thereby expanding the possibilities of imagining political forms.


The works have been gathered from across the globe and were created between the 1970s ad the present. The exhibition functions as a disorganized thought that suggests transversal paths for the viewer to follow and encounter different representations of these forms of the altered pulse. 

The exhibition is the outcome of the curators’ reading of works from the MUAC’s own art collection together with its Associated Collections (with a number of exceptions). All these works emerge from experiences of exaltation and intensity and together form a series of artistic productions that destabilize images of reality and of social norms. 


Artists: Marina Abramovic (Yugoslavia, 1946), Nahúm B. Zenil (México, 1947), Maris Bustamante  (México, 1949), Raimond Chaves (Colombia, 1963), Armando Cristeto (México, 1957), Marco Antonio Cruz (México, 1957), Ximena Cuevas (México, 1963), Iván Edeza (México, 1967), Melecio Galván (México, 1945-1982), Nan Goldin (Estados Unidos, 1953), Silvia Gruner (México, 1959), Thomas Hirschhorn (Suiza, 1957), Rachel Lachowicz (Estados Unidos, 1964), Daniel Lezama (México, 1968), César Martínez (México, 1962), Mónica Mayer (México, 1954), Ana Mendieta (Cuba, 1948), Otto Muehl (Austria, 1925-2013), Ricardo Nicolayevsky (México, 1961), Fernando Ortega (México, 1971), Fernando Palma (México, 1963), Adrian Piper (Estados Unidos, 1948), Miguel Ángel Ríos (Argentina, 1943), Daniela Rosell (México, 1973), Anri Sala (Albania, 1974), José Luis Sánchez Rull, (México 1964), Guillermo Santamarina (México, 1957), Cindy Sherman (Estados Unidos, 1954), Luis Miguel Suro (México, 1972-2004), Taller Documentación Visual (México, activo de 1984 a 1999), Naomi Uman (Estados Unidos, 1962), Miguel Ventura (Estados Unidos, 1954), Convención Metropolitana de Artistas y Trabajadores de la Cultura (México, activo desde 1995 a la actualidad), David Wojnarowicz (Estados Unidos, 1954-1992), Sergio Zevallos (Perú, 1962), Felipe Zúñiga (México, 1978).

Curator: Sol Henaro 
Guest curator: Miguel A. López



Pulso alterado

Authors : Miguel A. López, Sol Henaro

Language : Spanish & English


Price: $115