The Social Construction of Desire in Eroticism
Even in its simplest and most everyday expressions, such as the satisfaction of immediate desire with any consequences, eroticism cannot be reduced to pure instinctive or animal sexuality, whose main purpose is to preserve the species.

Eroticism is nourished by sexuality, a natural condition of the human body, and is the result of a subtle system of prohibitions and rules (taboos, religious rules, legal marriage contracts, etc.) that have the purpose of  prevent the sexual instinct from changing or undermining the social harmony, despite they can stimulate or excite sexual activity.

Channeling the sexual instinct to capture and make use of its energy, to regulate it ideologically, result in a kind of socialization of desire.  By means of this game of permission and repression, relations between desire and its object are shaped.  

The exhibition sets up a series of dialogues among the pieces of art to open them up to feelings of intensity, making it possible to shape the place where desire occurs:  the space where the sensibility of the body encounters the provocation of the object.


The modern world has established forms of representation and models to follow which make our desires visible so they can be consumed.  This has allowed to set up certain patterns of behavior -- repetitive, routine, regular -- that, among other intentions, attempt to establish a peaceful, harmonious existence among individuals.

The ways in which desire is frequently experienced involve the manner in which the body perceives, feels and desires as a sexual being.  In this sense, in our times the image plays a dominant role and any type of desire can be represented.


Artists: Marcela Astorga, Georgina Bringas, Dorothy Cross, Rineke Dijkstra, Karin Dolk, Maria Ezcurra, Angus Fairhurst, Anthony Goicolea, Gabriela Gutierrez, Gary Hill, Graciela Iturbide, Juan Pablo Macías, César Martínez, Ana Mendienta, Erick Meyenberg, Gabriel de la Mora, Christian Siekmeier, Valeska Soares, Sofia Taboas, Wolfgang Tillmans, Franz West y Beatriz Zamora.

Curator: Cecilia Delgado



Superficies del deseo

Authors : Helena Chávez Mac Gregor, Cecilia Delgado Masse

Language : Spanish & English


Price: $100