In any case, their shadowy existence seems to guarantee – by contrast – that of a brilliant world, one that is ever more connected, global, interrelated, observable, televised and communicable. However, they are not so much the “through the looking-glass” version of this world as the chaos that its ordering determination leaves behind and around it.

The sonorous material of this work is formed by what are known as “document-sounds”. Brief sounds dialogue with these or expand through the space, forming a sound choreography, punctuations in space and time, elements that summon weightlessness from out of the gravity and even violence of some of the sound sequences that unfold.

Listeners may find themselves facing an experience of hearing that disrupts perception, a central factor in the “no man’s lands”: a disruption that implies a disorientation, encouraged by the panoply of sources and by the movement of the sound, as well as by a relative dissolution of some sequences or isolated sounds, helped by electronics and montage. This fluctuation in hearing also helps to create a certain lack of definition in decoding these materials, when understood as signs.


Artists: Concha Jerez (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1941) and José Iges (Madrid, 1951)

Curator: Guillermo Santamarina