He developed an immediate interest in these exotic “fish-like” creatures, whose anatomy was enshrouded in mystery and local myths. In an attempt to figure them out, he dissected one. The impulse to do this again and again was then awoken in Ulf, and from this wish to connect the axolotl and the human anatomy, Project Axolotl was born. Rollof developed a series of aquatic devices and using light transmissions he enabled the communication with the axolotls.

“I sew a canvas in the same shape as animal skins hung to dry. With a safebelt I stretched it around me. I covered it with latex mixed with too much sulphur to enhance the beautiful intense lemon yellow color”  (Ulf Rollof: comentary on the project).


Artist: Ulf Rollof (Sweden, 1961)

Curator: Guillermo Santamarina

Associate curator: Alejandra Labastida