The exhibition—comprising work by Alicia Medina, Julián Madero, Cecilia Barreto, Omar Vega Macotela, Noé Martínez, María Sosa Gabriel Cazares, Chantal Peñalosa, Jazael Olguín Zapata, Juan Caloca, Víctor del Moral Rivera, Yollotl Manuel Gómez-Alvarado, Emiliano Rocha Minter, Leslie García and Cinthia Mendoça—addresses a multiplicity of themes, without seeking to define a single overarching theme or attempt an exhaustive mapping of the output of this generation. Instead, it is an exercise in spontaneous dialogue between the range of reflections triggered by the works included. Thus the works that comprise the show together with the range of conditions of production should be approached from this perspective of inquiry that yields different results in each case through work in media including painting, sculpture, video, action, and the archive, together with long-term projects in multiple disciplines.

Part of the goal of the exhibition is to demonstrate that increasing numbers of artists are interested in critical exploration of the changes experienced by the country that have transformed it—for better of for worse—into the Mexico we know today. On the one hand it presents this change, and on the other aims to create a generational stage revealing how bodies, places, meanings, languages, times and spaces have undergone substantial change in recent years. 


Each work reveals how a contemporary artist conceives of their own reality and specific context. Their attitude and output reflect a significant change in this context—in the past 15 years at least—both at the social level and in the artistic sphere in Mexico, a situation that entails that these works, in one way or another, are the evidence of a critical persistence concerning the social and territorial space and the current time.


Artists / Alicia Medina (México, 1988), Julián Madero Islas (México, 1990), Cecilia Barreto (México, 1985), Omar Vega Macotela (México, 1989), Noé Martínez (Morelia, Michoacán, 1986), María Sosa (Morelia, Michoacán, 1985), Gabriel Cazares (Nuevo León, 1978), Chantal Peñalosa (Tecate, 1987), Jazael Olguín Zapata (México, 1987), Juan Caloca (México, 1985), Víctor del Moral Rivera (México, 1987), Yollotl Manuel Gómez Alvararo (México, 1989), Emiliano Rocha Minter (México, 1990), Leslie García, Cinthia Mendoça (Minas de Gerais, Brasil, 1980)

Curators / MUAC's curatorial team



Yo sé que tu padre...

Authors : Amanda de la Garza, Aline Hernández, et. al.

Language : Spanish & English


Price: $130