Sala10: Max de Esteban

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Sala10: Max de Esteban

A Forest

Every investment is also an ideology. In A Forest, Max de Esteban confronts us with the vision of the world of speculators who invest in the development of Artificial Intelligence technologies ...

Cien del MUAC

[MUAC: One Hundred Works]

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Expediente seropositivo

[The Seropositive Files: Visualizing HIV in Mexico]

Comprising audio files, publications, videos and diverse visual and artistic creations, it delves into the cultural productions around the virus’ surge. 

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

A Crack in the Hourglass: A Memorial for the Victims of COVID-19

Lozano-Hemmer thus proposes the creation of a remote, participatory memorial for the pandemic’s victims.