We aspire to build a reference collection of artistic practices in Mexico. Our collection works covers the period since 1952, the year the UNAM’s University City campus was founded, to the present, with special emphasis on work created post-1968.

Our collection consists of works by more than 300 artists and is divided into two main bodies: the “Art Collection,” comprising works conceived in the fluctuating contexts of the art circuit, and the “Documentary Collection,” which comprises archives with materials of all kinds.

The national focus of our collection tries to repair the neglect of contemporary collections in Mexican museums and, as part of the University Patrimony, is pioneering the revitalization of public collections in Mexico. In order to enrich interpretation of the collection and to establish a dialogue with works by international artists, we have established alliances with private collections under the model of associated collections.

We have chosen 50 works from the collection and we have divided them into thematic groups: action-game, gender, city-territory, criticism-denunciation, memory-identity, painting and sound. Here you can learn about them in more detail.

Documentary collection


Action - Game

City - Territory

Criticism - Protest


Memory - Identity


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